TouCAN BB (black board) - USB to CAN bus converter


  • No driver installation required (WinUSB Microsoft generic driver, out-of-the-box funcionality)
  • Zero Frame Loss
  • Timestamp resolution: 1uS
  • Data export to .csv
  • Data Buffer for 20000 Frames
  • Powerful CPU ( Cortex M4 100 MHz )
  • Supported Library. Open Source CANAL API DLL
  • Open Source GUI ( Compatible with Linux, MacOS, Windows.
  • Linux SocketCAN support
  • Direct connection to device without CANAL API
  • 2x dual color LEDs
  • Unlimited CAN adapter support at the same time on PC
  • CAN bus baud rate. Default speeds 10, 20, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 1000 or custom
  • Firmware upgrade via bootloader
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 11898-2
  • Bus-Fault protection of –27 V to 40 V
  • EMI filters for CAN and USB interfaces
  • Linux CANAL API library for SocketCAN
  • Python CAN support
  • Galvanic 2500-VRMS Isolation (CAN interface)
  • Board size 33mm x 53mm
  • 3.5mm pitch CAN connector
  • 5V 100mA isolated output for sensors
  • micro USB connector
  • High quality connectors from Wurth Elektronik GmbH

LED indictors values

LED indicator values
RED and GREEN steady bootloader mode
RED/GREEN toggling PC USB driver isn't installed
RED steady converter is closed
GREEN steady converter is open
GREEN blinking slow CAN bus warning
GREEN blinking fast CAN bus error passive
RED blinking slow CAN bus OFF

Contact information

Gediminas Simanskis
Tel: +37069912663

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