Atmel CAN latching relay

Latching relay based on AT90CAN32, SCHRACK bistable relay.

Key Specifications/Special Features

  • Dimensions: 45 x 87mm
  • Dual RJ45 connector
  • Protocol: VSCP
  • Interface: CAN bus
  • 3 points terminal for dry contact


Schematic and PCB design is done with Kicad, source files can be found on github

PCB can be found in gerber format in the repo.


The firmware can be found on git hub.


  • Zone: The zone the node belongs to
  • Subzone: The subzone the node belongs to
  • Relay timer: interval before the node goes back automatically to the OFF position. The timer is set on two registers (#2 is MSB, #3 is LSB) so you can set the value in second from 0 to 65535 via WORKS. If it is set to 0 the the timer is disabled.


Decision Matrix

The module implements 2 lines in the decision matrix to react with TURNON and TURNOFF events.


When a TURNON event is received, the node returns an ON event.

When a TURNOFF event is received, the node returns an OFF event.


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