WIKI Rules for Editors / Access rights

Please use these rules to make it easier to get/keep structure in the wiki!

Find pages, hidden pages

Use the index from left menu to get a total overview of the wiki

Create a new page

If you want to create a new page called mymodule in the modules section, just goto this url:

and press “create this page”. Don't forget to add appropiate tags!

Second method is to create a link to the non-existing page like this:


and then click on that linke, again “create this page” vscpd_conf


Any pages should get tags attached to the bottom of the page.

The first tag should reflect the position in the namespace e.g. vscp, canal,… The second tag marks some sort of chapter e.g. main, major,… Further tags are used for sorting purposes

Please see the modules area for reference

Tags are inserted by:

{{tag>tag tag2 tag3}}

Headings, Titles, Topics

For automatic indexing the H1 to H3 headings are used.

Every page should start with a heading of appropriate level. This is because the first heading on the pages is used by many TOC related plugins.

Within a major topic (can span more pages) you should start with a H1 heading for the Topic itself.
Sub parts of that topic should get H2 even if scattered over multiple pages.
Complex topics may also use the H3 but always think of the topic as a whole.
H4 and below will never be used in indexing and can be used at wish.

It is preferrable to not have more than 10-12 H2 in a particular topic.

Automatic listings and indexing plugins

This wiki has many automatic features for creation of lists and indexes.

pageindex pagelist nstoc nspages indexmenu

Other important formatting plugins

box color

TOC box on the page

By default there is a TOC box on the right top conatining all the headings of that page down to a specific level.

On some pages thats senseless an can be disabled by writing

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