VSCP, Back to the Very Simple Control Protocol

VSCP People

People involved in VSCP over the years.

Åke Hedman

Sweden. Initial founder and maintainer of the project, from Sweden, have my own company Grodans Paradis AB / Paradise of the Frog. More info about me is available at http://www.eurosource.se/akhe

I can be reached at akhe@grodansparadis.com

Gediminas Simanskis

Lithuania. One of our hardware experts. Living in Lithuania. Likes beer en mass.

Henk Hofstra


Netherlands. Spotted VSCP and friends in the Spring of 2005. As I intend to design and build equipment for Process Control based on the CAN-Bus, I find VSCP an interesting starting-point for further development.

Mark Marooth


Scotland. Fiddled about with VSCP for a wee while now and one day perhaps I will produce something !

Kiril Petrov

Thomas Schulz

I found VSCP when I was looking for a home automation system for our new house yet to be designed. I find it inspiring to work for this project.

Charles Tewiah


England. During the initial stages of designing my own home automation protocol, I came across VSCP. It had a lot of the features I required and was a lot more advanced so I decided to abandon my project and concentrate on VSCP.

I was very active on the project during the early days, unfortunately due to other work constraints I have not been able to contribute as much as I'd like to; however, I keep a very close eye on developments.

Well done to all the team and keep up the good work !

Stefan Langer

Germany. Like many of you I stumbled about VSCP in 2008 while searching for “the protocol”. In my case VSCP may/will go into projects and devices that I develop to make a living. I'm a freelancer and therefore like free things ;) Hope to see one or the other also in real world!

Peter Bosmans

Belgium. Searching for many years for a descent control protocol. I liked the event-driven topology with the robust CAN-bus. And thanks to Kurt and his 'Hasselt' node, it puls me over the edge to actually start with this. My goal is to implement these nodes into my house and start to control the lighting (Later on i'll extend it to control other stuff). Also i'll try to use a CMS-system (drupal) for controlling the VSCP-system. Hereby we can create a webbased UI. As you can see, still a lot of work to do.

Marcelo Poma


Argentina. I'm an Electronic Engineer from Rosario, Argentina. Since 2003 I've learning VSCP. First I developed a multipurpose I/O based in the Paris module. But in 2005, I started to develop a new version of the module based on PICOS18 RTOS (a free Real Time Operating System). The purpose of this new development was to count with a flexible system, where most files were common to all projects, and only a few files need to be rewritten for changing the module functions. Then, the project slept for some time and then, in January 2009, I made the first system for my house. Now, I like to continue my job, porting it to SALVO RTOS if it’s possible (Because PICOS18 maybe is out of the roadmap). I don't promise anything, but maybe some day I’ll give you a surprise!!!

Dinesh Guleria


India. I come to know about VSCP, when i was looking forward to implement some protocol over CAN for Industrial Automation VSCP was the complete solution from my requirement point of view. Since last few years i am having good command on protocol but still growing.Hopefully i will definitely come up with some product, related to automation in near future.

Jean-Marc Beaune

France. Have done great Atmel work and debugging and is now working on an administrative interface.

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