MkPassWd Application

WIN32 and Linux

mkpasswd is a console helper application that can be used to create encrypted passwords for the canal daemon or service. It can also directly write both username and the encrypted password to the configuration file.

Help on driver syntax can be gotten by

mkpasswd /h on Windows
mkpasswd -h on Linux

and gives the following output.

Usage: mkpasswd -p <str> [-d <str>] [-u <str>] [-h] [-v] [-w]
  -p, --password=<str>  Password to convert.
  -d, --dest=<str>      Path (desitination for) to config file (if not given OS default will be used).
  -u, --user=<str>      Username to write to config file.
  -h, --help            Shows this message
  -v, --verbose         Verbose mode
  -w, --write           write to config file


To encrypt a password use

mkpasswd -psecret

To encrypt a password and write it and a username to the config file use

mkpasswd -psecret -uadmin -w

Without a path given with the -d switch the data will be written to a file on directory /etc/canal.conf for Linux and /WINNT/SYSTEM32/canal.conf for the WIN32 platform.

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