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This page contains links to techniques that still are under discussion and has not made it or that never will reach the official VSCP specification. Also suggestions and ideas from users can be found here.

VSCP using smoke signals

  1. First you need wood. Birch is best. Amount of wood depend on the distance you need to communicate over. Car tires work good for long distance events.
  2. You also need a blanket.
  3. Now start the fire and let it burn hard.
  4. Throw some water on the fire. I should almost stop burning but not quite.
  5. Now send the SOF. Hold the blanket over the fire for four seconds and then release it in a fast move.
  6. Wait five secods.
  7. Send the rest of the event as a binary sequence, A one is “blanket over fire in four seconds” a zero is “blanket over fire for one second.

Some caveats exist, such as heavy wind or lack of matches, but works for most situations.

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