The BSC schema

An internal mapping in the daemon can be used to map logical names to indexes, zones and subzones.


where the mapping mechanism in the configuration file maps this to the correct event

Most of the CLASS1.CONTROL and some of the CLASS1.INFORMATION types can be directly mapped this way to, xAPBSC.event and xAPBSC.cmd messages.

A configuration map can be built like this

logic-name1.logic-name2: class=x,type=y,priority=z,data=“….”


  • %id can substitute any data for BSC ID.
  • %state can substitute any data for BSC state.
  • %level can substitute any data for BSC level.

The Weather-schema

The weather schema can directly map to some of the CLASS1.MEASUREMENT events. WindM, WindK, WindGustM, WindGustK, DindDirC, WindDirD, TempC, TempF, DewC, DewF and Air Pressure could more or less be directly translated to xAP from VSCP events. As more weather measurements are added to VSCP a few more will be mappable.

Display Schema

Should be possible to map when the VSCP display events are in place.

SMS Schema

SMS Schema should be possible to map directly.

At the time of writhing I don't have access to many of the schemas but will add to this as soon as I can check them all.


2005-08-08 Changed BSC mapping example.
2005-08-07 First version published.

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