VSCP Hardware Modules

Open Hardware/Firmware

Most projects on this page is open hardware and open software. That mean that all design materials and software are openly available. If you make and sell a VSCP module we would be glad to list it here.

CAN based modules

Ethernet & TCP/IP based modules

Wireless modules

Interfaces and Gateways

Modules - where to find or store hardware projects

If you want to take a look at the modules described here or if you want to submit your own hardware projects to this site, please follow these rules:

The suggested directory/file naming scheme is:

/firmware/$platform$/$projectname$_$compiler$put your README (or better readme.txt or even better _readme.txt) here
$platform$ is avr, pic, arm, etc.
$projectname$ is the actual name of your choice, keep it short and descriptive
$compiler$ is a short for the used compiler like _gcc and so on
~/hardware subfolder that contains schematics, layouts, etc.
~/docs subfolder for all other documentation
~/src subfolder for the firmware of that module
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