Rosario - Multi Purpose I/O with RTOS

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Rosario is a city from Argentina, and it's a VSCP solution too!


Project Status

Current hardware version, SMD through hole: 3.0
Current firmware version: 1.0
Current RTOS PicOS18 version: 2.1


Everything for the project can be downloaded at the following link



Schematics and Board

Firmware explanation

  • First call in VSCP_Main, like any “C” program.
  • This initialize the operating system timers PICOS18, calling OS_Init.
  • Call vscp_init_app that calls another declared in the initialization file for the application (DoorOpen_init_app).
  • Boots the operating system PICOS18.
  • There is only one active task, Task0_InitAddress, which is in charge of negotiating the Nickname
  • Check if it is assigned a segment from earlier in the EEPROM (vscp_check_pstorage) if not assigned segment, usee default and calls vscp_setDefaultEeprom ().
  • Call vscp_init () to initialize the protocol states and variables
  • Activate the task of LED and reset button
  • It then enters a loop where, if it had assigned an address, use it and complete the task, turning on the task of VSCP protocol. If do not have Nickname, try to get it through vscp_probe ().
  • to be continue…..


First application of this multipurpouse I/O is a garage door open.

Outputs Subzone Action Comments
RA4 0x04 Motor march invert rele Power energy input come from shutoff rele
RC0 0x04 Lock door rele Power energy input come from 12 vcc
RC1 0x10 Blinking led Always blinking 0,5 S
RC2 0x20 Status led Visual signal about events
RC3 0x04 Shutoff rele Shutoff main power 220 vca
RC4 0x04 Power motor control Speed control near close and open limit
RC5 0x04 Not use Not use
Inputs Subzone Action Comments
RA0 0x04 Límit open input When it’s high, apply power control
RA1 0x04 Límite close input When it’s high, apply power control


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