St. Paul - Motion Detector module.

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Current Harware Version: 0.0.1
Current Firmware version:  


Everything for the project can be downloaded at the following link


No firmware release yet.



S:t Paul is a self contained motion detector based on the MS-401 sensor from FUJI & CO. It do just one thing sending an event when a motion is detected. Default is CLASS=20 (Information) TYPE=32 (0x20) Active.

Further the sensitivity can be set and in can be turned on/off.


Register 0 (0x00) Zone.
Register 1 (0x01) Sunzone. 
Register 2 (0x02) Current detect count 32-bit value, MSB. Read only.
Register 3 (0x03) Current detect count 32-bit value, Read only.
Register 4 (0x04) Current detect count 32-bit value, Read only.
Register 5 (0x05) Current detect count 32-bit value, LSB Read only.
Register 6 (0x06) Control register 1.
Bit 0 - Enable detect event.
Bit 1 - Enable alarm event.
Bit 2 - Use threshold register.
Bit 3 - 
Bit 4 - 
Bit 5 - 
Bit 6 - 
Bit 7 - 
Register 7 (0x07) - Reserved 
Register 8 (0x08) - Reserved 
Register 9 (0x09) - Reserved 

The threshold register tells how many detections that is needed to fire a detection within the module. Can be used to make the module less sensitive.

Register 10 (0x0A) Detect threshold 16-bit value, MSB.
Register 11 (0x0B) detect threshold 16-bit value, LSB.

Alarm register

You can read standard VSCP register 128 (0x80) to get alarm status for the device. When an alarm is generated the corresponding bit in the alarm register will be set. The bit will be cleared by a read of the alarm register .You can therefore pick up alarm conditions without looking for alarm events.

This can also be used as a safeguard against missed alarm events.

Bit Description
Bit 7 Detection alarm.
Bit 6 Reserved.
Bit 5 Reserved.
Bit 4 Reserved.
Bit 3 Reserved.
Bit 2 Reserved.
Bit 1 Reserved.
Bit 0 Reserved.


The following events are generated by this device.


CLASS1.INFORMATION, 20 (0x14) Type=49, (0x32)


canid = 0xe0102xx where xx is node nickname id.

The module can send alarm events when a detect is triggered:

  • Detect triggered (code = 1).

Code = 0 is reserved for a general alarm and is not used at the moment.

One event will be sent for each alarm type generated. When the corresponding alarm flag is set in the alarm register set after an alarm no new alarms will be generated until the bit is cleared and a new alarm condition occurs.

Class 0x001
Type 0x02


Byte Description
Byte 0 code for alarm type.
Byte 1 Alarm register.
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