Leicester - Ethernet/CAN/SERIAL Interface

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Current Harware Version: 0.0.11
Current Firmware version:  


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No firmware release yet.



Leicester is an Ethernet based VSCP module with 1xCAN and one RS-238/485. It is built to fit in a Camden DIN enclusure and can be equiped with a vertical expansion card.

The module can be configured to act as a Level II node on the Ethernet but it can also be configured as a high end server that will respond to the “High end server probe” event.

The module has a Level II decision matrix and can be configured using a RS-232 interface or a WEB based interface.

It is also possible to filter traffic to and from the CAN/RS-232/485 interface.

Above all it has room for a vertical expansion card that can have outputs through the terminal blocks. This expansion card makes this module a real multifunction device.

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