Kelvin Sensor Module


The Kelvin sensor module is the holder for Kelvin sensors. The current version can have one of the following sensors installed

  • Sensiron SHT-11 - Humidity/Temperature sensor.
  • Smartec SMT160-30
  • Dallas/Maxim DS-18S20. (currently not supported by the Kelvin module).

Sensiron SHT-11


This sensor measures temperature and humidity. Information abaout the sensor is available at Sensirion's web site
( ).

Data for the sensor:

  • 2 sensors for relative humidity & temperature
  • Precise dewpoint calculation possible
  • Measurement range: 0-100% RH
  • Absolute RH accuracy: +/- 3.5% RH
  • Temp. accuracy: +/- 0.5°C @ 25 °C
  • Calibrated & digital output (2-wire interface)
  • Fast response time < 4 sec.
  • Low power consumption (typ. 30 µW)

Smartec SMT160-30


The SMT160-30 is a very capable temperature sensor from Smartec

Data for the sensor:

  • Voltage: +4,7 till +7,0 V
  • Current consumption: <200 μA
  • Measurement Range: −30 till +130 °C
  • Onoggrannhet: 0,5 °C i området −30 till +100 °C, 1,0 °C i området +100 till +130 °C
  • Unlinarity
    • TO18: 0,2 °C i hela temperaturområdet
    • TO92: 0,4 °C i hela temperaturområdet
  • Output frequency: 1 till 4 kHz



This is the very popular Dallas DS18S20 sensor. The sensor module can have it installed but it is currently not supported by the Kelvin modules.

Data for the sensor:

  • Voltage: +3,0 till +5,5 V
  • Current requirement, active: 1 mA typ
  • Current requirement in standby: 50 nA typ
  • Measurement range: −55 till +125 °C
  • Error: ±0,5 °C vid −10 till +85 °C
  • Measurement time: 0,2 s typ


The module is encloused in an RJ-45 box


This is the PCB for the sensor module. Its very simple and just have positions for the surface mount sensor and a decoupling cap and connections to the cable. There is also holes for the SF1 filter cap but it has not been tested yet if it fits.


Pinout for the module connector


The pinout for the adapter is RJ11 with unpopulated slits for the other pins. The color coding follows the RJ-45 schema. So just not to add to the confusion we number the connector as RJ-45. To get the RJ-11 pinout just subtract 2 from the pins below.

Pin Color Usage
1 Blue VDD (+5V)
2 Orange VDD (+5V)
3 Black VDD (+5V)
4 Red SCK (Clock))
5 Green DTA (Data)
6 Yellow GND
7 Brown GND
8 White GND

Old Layout

Some pages about the old layout are here and

Printer circuit boards, sensors and pre-built units are available from the eurosource store

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