Work to do

If you want to help with VSCP development anything you can think of (and like to do) is actually helpful. Listed here are some things that are in the queue and which needs to be done right now. There is obviously much more to do and the list will grow over time but the things listed is the things that will move things forward most and be most helpful at the moment.

No one will stop you if you set about and rewrite parts of whats already available. But generally this is bad for any open source project and you will not get applause for it. Yes it is always possible to do things in a different way but remember that this project has been around for fifteen years and will be around for more than that in times to come so arriving here and shouting “change” after a month may be a bad idea. Be patient. Things take time. Work on and your ideas will get into the protocol.

Apart from things listed here porting firmware code to different platform is always something we like. If you like you can share it in the vscp firmware repository.

Open Z-Wave Driver

A Level II driver is needed for the Open Z-Wave library. On windows drivers are written using Visual Studio but any tool can be used. Linux is Configure/Automake based. Samples of other drivers can be found in the source tree.

Bindings to C#

Binding the VSCP Helper lib to C# with samples.

Bindings to Java

Binding the VSCP Helper lib to Java with samples.

Bindings to Python

Binding the VSCP Helper lib to Python with samples.

Bindings to Node.js

Binding the VSCP Helper lib to Node.js with samples.

Bindings to PHP

Binding the VSCP Helper lib to PHP with samples.

Bindings to Perl

Binding the VSCP Helper lib to Perl with samples.

Javascript Samples using the REST/Websocket interfaces

We need nice looking examples that interface the websocket or the rest interface of the VSCP Daemon. samples

Sample code that uses to log data.

Interface other systems

Work to interface VSCP with other systems like OpenHAB, Openremote and others is asked for by many people. List of some here

  • ModBus connetion
  • OpenHAB
  • Openremote


If you area webdesigner and need a challenge coding a new nice looking frontend for the website might be something for you.

RS-485 hardware/software implemention

RS-485 samples in the form of both hardware and software following the spec.

Modbus connection

A connection between Modbus and TCP/IP of some sort.


Yes samples, samples, samples, samples and samples of any kind. Share here in the wiki (ask for username/password)

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