Building wxWidgets

Building the wxWidgets library may me needed on some machines if the lib is not available in binary form or if you want to work against a later version of the library. The base library is the lib that is needed for everything except for VSCP Works which needs the full GUI lib.

If you are using one of the supported compilers, you can download the pre-built in binaries from




change version as necessary.


All makefiles and project are located in build\msw directory.

Microsoft Visual C++ Compilation

From command line using the provided makefiles


Open a “Visual Studio Command Prompt” window shortcut to which must have been installed to the “Start” menu or the “Start” screen by MSVS installation.


Change directory to %WXWIN%\build\msw and type

     > nmake /f

to build wxWidgets in the default debug configuration as a static library. You can also do

     > nmake /f BUILD=release

to build a release version. Finally, you can also add “TARGET_CPU=X64” to nmake command line to build Win64 versions (this only works if you are using a 64 bit compiler, of course).

See “Configuring the Build” for more information about the additional parameters that can be specified on the command line.


To verify your build, change the directory to samples\minimal and run the same nmake command (with the same parameters there), this should create a working minimal wxWidgets sample.


If you need to rebuild, use “clean” target first or “nmake /a”.

For 64 bit debug
nmake /f BUILD=debug  TARGET_CPU=X64
For 64 bit release
nmake /f BUILD=release  TARGET_CPU=X64
For 32 bit debug
nmake /f BUILD=debug  TARGET_CPU=X32

For 32 bit debug
nmake /f BUILD=release  TARGET_CPU=X32

3.0.2 and Visual studio 2015 must have file <wxdir>\src\tiff\libtiff\tif_config.h - line 367


#define snprintf _snprintf


#if (defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER < 1900))
  #define snprintf _snprintf

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