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VSCP is the logical protocol describing what Events are and how they are defined. VSCP is transport mechanism agnostic and can therefore be used over Ethernet, TCP/IP, CAN, RS-232, RS-485, wireless etc etc. The VSCP Specification defines what VSCP is and the parts that make it do it's work

VSCPD is the server process running on any Linux or Windows machine. All suitable physical interfaces can be connected logically to this server by use of their Level I drivers and level II drivers. vscpd (the VSCP daemon = VSCP server) also have a powerful scheduler, a webserver, a websocket interface, a REST interface and can be fully controlled through a TCP/IP interface and can easily be extended with addon modules. The documentation for the VSCP Daemon is here

VSCP Works is an application that connects either to the VSCPD daemon/server or directly to a specific physical interface using Level I drivers. There is no difference to the application connecting to the server or to a single interface thanks to the Level I abstraction layer.
VSCP Works is therefore beside being a valuable tool whilst development also a nice demonstration how to write applications profiting of VSCP in general. It can be used to load code into devices, configure devices and diagnose devices plus a lot more.

A helper library (dll/dl) is available for Windows/Linux to make it easy to use the VSCP system. This library makes the advanced framework functionality available for almost every programming language available.

All of the above together with drivers and documentation forms the VSCP & Friends package. A package that can be downloaded here On windows you only need to run the setup on Linux you have to build the system yourself using the autoconfigure system. On other platforms like Carambola, Raspberry Pi etc special build exist.

If you are a hardware developers you should first read the primer written by Kurt Herremans it gives a simple overview on what its all about on the lower levels. But beware that VSCP is a complex framework for IoT/m2m and not just another protocol.

Next you should at least take a peek on the specification. All information in this wiki is complimentary to the spec. If in doubt - trust the spec!

The source for the VSCP & Friends package is available here and for firmware development here. In the root of the software repository you find build instructions for the windows build (if you want to build it yourself) and the Unix build. The source is in src/vscp or the source tree.

If you are a hardware developer and want to construct VSCP devices you find plenty of sample code here and here

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask them on the forum.

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