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LIRC Level I Driver

Available for: Windows

Driver for Windows vscpl1_lircdrv.dll (vscpl1_lircdrv.lib)

Device driver for that connects to LIRC (Unix) or WINLIRC (Windows) and receive data from IR remotes and sends IR data out.

LIRC/WINLIRC must be functioning on the computer that use this driver. Follow the information on respective site on how to set them up.

Parameter String

 "path to config file;lirchost;lircport"
path to config file

The full path to the location for the configuration XML-file.


Hostname for the host the LIRC daemon is running on. If not given “localhost” is assumed.


The port that the LIRC daemon is listening to. If not given the default-port “8765” i used.


Not used.

Status return

Not used. Platforms

Configuration file format

In the configuration file it is possible to set what VSCP (Level I or Level II) events or generic CAN messages that should be sent (none, one or many) for a specific key pressed on the remote.

The format for this file is XML and is defined as follows:

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